Before traditional medicine, castor oil has been used throughout history as a natural remedy.  Castor oil
internally as a laxative, but now proves to have many more potential benefits when used externally.  
When castor oil packs are placed on the skin circulation is increased, elimination is promoted, and the
healing of internal organs and tissues beneath is skin is also promoted.  Castor oil packs can stimulate
the liver and gallbladder, making them an excellent addition to a liver and gallbladder flush!  
But wait!  There’s more!  Castor oil packs relieve pain and muscle strains, reduce inflammation and
swollen joints, increase lymphatic circulation, and improve digestion as well.  Castor oil packs are also
used as a holistic treatment for other various conditions including; epilepsy, liver conditions including
cirrhosis and torpid liver, headaches, appendicitis, arthritis, colitis, constipation, neuritis, and toxemia.   
And, as an added bonus, castor oil leaves your skin beautiful and healthy.  Great for applying to your
face as a beautifying treatment!
When used before an operation, it can clean up internally and make the surgeon’s work easier, and it’s
great at speeding up post-operative recovery and preventing infection.  Some people have even reported
successfully shrinking tumors and curing heart problems!

Edgar Cayce, known as “the father of holistic medicine”, in regards to using castor oil packs, says “No, it’
s no magic wand, but if you’ve had any kind of injury, backache, sprain or even muscular soreness, you
may think so, when the pain goes away overnight!......Digestive disorders can be treated by applying the
pack, because, although it is external, the body has the ability to absorb it directly, circumventing the
digestive process, which may be malfunctioning.”  
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7501 Murdoch Ave.
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